released December 14, 2018

"Musically you're getting a very solid lineup of pure indie rock riffs that are crisp, tight and layered ever so carefully with fine stitching. Lots of great guitar work. They like to keep the pace peppy a lot of the time and really drive it home with riffs that fall more under traditional rock".

"As far as what the album has to say from a vocal and lyrical standpoint, it's pretty expressive. There's a lot of raw passion put into the words. I think the lyrics are one of the strongest points of the album. So many great heartfelt images being painted here. The vocals are interesting and the group has incredible vocal talents flexing their pipes on this album."

Rebecca Rothschild, Divide and Conquer


released May 2017

Ourorboros is a double-single released in May 2017.  It features guitar rock that experiments with Latin rhythms, psychedelia and dream pop. Play on repeat for a very special treat. 

"It took me a while to make it past the first song "Beyond The Seam." I found myself being overwhelmed with emotion and lost in the lyrics in a trance like state. This is a hit single that all people need to do to fall in love with it is to hear it. This song has a unique mix and is produced to its maximum potential."

"The second song titled, "Skin" hit me with a complete curveball. Grawlix showcases their versatility with this song. A slower tempo centered more on vocals and a great story. However, the band finds a way shine with a sick breakdown about three quarters through the song. "Skin" has a catchy chorus that will have you singing along by the end."

Anthony Barskdale, IndieNation


Our first batch of chewable delights.  An assortment of guitar rock songs in five fun flavors.  

released June 2016
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