12/3/18 meditations

Hello again, friends :)

It’s so great to be back and writing to you again after an...interesting...Thanksgiving break. My turn to post couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. In this installment, I’m going to expound upon something I’ve been dealing with as of late, and I’m sure at least some of the readers of the blog can relate. I’m talking of course, about my quarter-(or mid?)-life crisis. I’m 27 years old. It’s a pretty cool age, but it feels a lot closer to 30 than 26 did. I liked 26 better. When you get that feeling that you’re 13 years away from 40 years old, sh*t gets really, REALLY real. I’ve been asking myself all the quarter-life questions far more frequently than my 26 year old self did. These include, but are definitely not limited to; Why am I here? Who will I marry? What happens to my band if we all move away? When will I make amends with the family and friends I’ve wronged? When will I die? How will I die?

Now, if you’re like me and work a solitary day job, it’s very easy to get entranced in these unfortunate hypotheticals. It can be really rough. While I still struggle with my own existentialism, and some days are worse than others, I’ve identified a few coping mechanisms that help me get back to center when life gets thrown into disarray.

I should note that I am not an expert BY ANY MEANS on this topic, so if you are struggling with depression on any level, you should consider consulting a professional. This post is not the be-all-end-all for the depressed. Having said that, here are some short term, quick fixes that have helped me through some difficult times.

Breathe. - in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on filling up that diaphragm with oxygen and on that exhale, let your inhibitions fly away. This promotes blood circulation, relaxation and overall good health. Also, like, you need to breathe, man.

Drink water with lemon instead of any other drink. LITERALLY any other drink. (Ok maybe not coffee. Coffee is one of life’s most irreplaceable blessings.) Seriously though, if your nutrition is proper, lemon water is the only drink you’ll ever need. It tastes great and makes you feel great too because....antioxidants and hydration and whatnot.

Listen to motivational speeches and podcasts while you do anything. One great speaker I’ve been listening to is Tony Robbins. He’s a business man and motivational speaker who companies hire to boost morale and productivity. His expertise comes at no small price tag to corporations. but lucky plebeians like you and me, a lot of his really good stuff is free on the youtubes. Yes 27 year olds are still young enough to call it (them?) “The youtubes.” Tony really helps pump me up and keeps me focused on my goals. I’ve probably paraphrased him or quoted him already in this post and what he’s taught me will be referenced again so just as a general disclaimer for this and all my other posts; a lot of the personal realizations I’ve gathered lately are accredited to the wisdom of Tony Robbins. Ok. Number 4.

If you ever feel like quitting, sit with that feeling for 30 seconds, then change your mind. It sounds simplistic and utopian but try it - it works!

Remember that this is the only life you have. I know, I’m crazy. You’re probably asking, “how can a phrase so depressing be a remedy for your mid-life crisis?” Well, it’s true. Remembering that we have but one life to live is a lamentable, and sometimes petrifying sentiment. However, it can be inspirational.

Bear with me as I drop some knowledge on you that kind of circles back to tip number 4. When you think about something so sad as “the end,” or your breakup, or your health, and it starts to affect you negatively, do yourself a favor; sit with that thought for 30 seconds, then try to picture yourself on the other side of the instance; the optimistic side. I.e. while the 26 year old me might say “Damn I’m so overweight there’s really no point in even trying.” The 27 year old me says “This journey to lose these unwanted pounds is going to be epic. I can’t wait to feel how ill feel on the other side.”

And that’s it. Take your world and master it. Be the you that you want to be, and set a standard for yourself. Bring your reality to life today and every day. Love yourself. Wishing you peace, love and happiness as always.


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