Hey Hooligans!

Got a few announcements:

We've got a brand new single coming this Friday (November 9th). We're really excited to finally be bringing you all some new music!

It's going to be available on Spotify, Itunes/Apple Music, and Amazon music (among other platforms).  So check it out and add it to your playlists!

We'll also be playing a show at #MainStreetTavern with GlennVeryClose, The Judas Obscure and The Missing Inc.  Check em out at the following:




Check out the Facebook event here for more details on the show:

We can't express how excited we are to be re-emerging from our writing and recording absence, but we know it was worth the wait.

There's a lot more news coming down the line, so go sign up for our email list. It's a great way to be in the know for all of our upcoming shows and releases and it doesn't cost a penny. We'll even email you a private download link for a free copy of the new single when you sign up!

So go do that, haha! Enter your email right at the bottom of this page (or any page on our website)!

And don't forget to leave us some love by liking, sharing and reposting at our socials.

Love you all~

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