Behind the song: Bodine

Hey Hooligans! It's Rob.

Now that our first full-length album, Betwixt and Between has been out for almost a month, I thought I'd share with you all the story of another album track, "Bodine”.

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Back in the spring of 2016, we had slowly begun to accumulate songs that would wind up on the album. Among the newest compositions at the time was the then-untitled "Bodine", which was introduced to the group by Cisco.

Josh, myself, Kelsey, and Cisco at our original practice space: April 2016. "Bodine" was written and first rehearsed this month.

Every member of the group contributed instrumentally to "Bodine". Kelsey came up with a bouncy piano hook and Josh added a gripping lead guitar part. As for myself, beside the bass line, I also wrote a harmony vocal line on top of Cisco's vocal melody, Everly Brothers style. When Cisco and I began rehearsing the vocals together, we decided to swap the parts and that arrangement carried over to the finished song!

"Bodine" quickly became a live favorite and we played it quite a bit throughout 2016. When it came time to finally record the album properly, "Bodine" was the first song we recorded and it also became the first song finished.

Included below are several photos from my own personal collection. Each one taken during a recording session for "Bodine" in the spring of 2017. We used a mix of acoustic and electric guitars, and labored over finding the right sounds for our instruments. Nick Cannato, of Pat Stone & The Dirty Boots, wrote the drum part and played on most of Betwixt & Between, including "Bodine".

When it came time to select which songs we wanted to release as singles, each member of the band participated in a poll. "Bodine" was one of the songs that every one of us chose as a possible single. In addition to a standalone single release, we have also been extremely fortunate to have a lyric video for "Bodine", made by White Shaker Productions! (Kelsey talked a little bit about the making of this video in her blog post Betwixt & Between - Pre-release Reflections).

In the end, I'm extremely happy with the way "Bodine" turned out. It remains one of my personal favorites on the album, and re-listening to it always helps me "Carry On" through the day! We hope you enjoy it too!!

- Rob

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