Behind The Sound: "Beyond The Seam

Hey Hooligans, it's Rob!

While we currently prep the release of our latest new tunes, I thought it'd be fun to go back and take a behind the scenes look at our previous single, "Beyond The Seam".

Our summer 2017 release: Ouroboros.

"Beyond The Seam", holds the honor of being the very first song we wrote together as a band from scratch! In early 2014 during one of our first practices, our lead guitarist Josh started playing a very intricate melody. Cisco, Kelsey, and I began jamming off of Josh's idea and a few practices later, Cisco had begun to write lyrics. I also contributed the idea of the song's outro section. After only a few weeks, "Beyond The Seam" was born!

For our very first time in the recording studio, we recorded three demos of some of our first compositions. One of the three was "Beyond The Seam". However, this unreleased version showed us still finding our sound and we knew that we could do better. So we bunkered down in our practice space and worked eye to eye as a group, determined to bring out the best version of the song.

Me and Josh, at our first demo session, March 2015.

When we played our first live show, in June 2014, "Beyond The Seam" was one of the songs featured in the set. With every show that we played, we further tightened up the arrangement and vocal harmonies. Over time, we had even turned the song into a medley with another song of ours, "Skin". In fact, this medley became so popular that we knew that when we eventually recorded "Beyond The Seam" and "Skin", we had to keep the songs together!

After recording and releasing our first EP, The Gumball Machine, in June 2016, we were all itching to record the "Beyond The Seam/Skin" medley as our next project. Once we began recording the songs that summer, we had over two years of honing and mastering the tunes. As a pleasant result, it only took us a few sessions to nail all the parts!

Me trackin' the bass.

Josh and Kelsey, listening to a playback of the song in-progress.

Cisco recording the lead vocals.

Three years between a song's initial writing through its eventual release may seem like an eternity today. But during those three years, this song has always been there to propel us along the incredible musical journey that we have undertaken. I hope that when you listen to "Beyond The Seam", it takes you on a journey as well!

- Rob

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