Betwixt & Between - Pre-release Reflections

Hey, hey hooligans! We're already flying through December which means it's not very long before Betwixt & Between is available for your listening pleasure! Truthfully, I'm getting too excited for this release to really talk about much else right now, so here we are. I hope you've had a chance to check out our very first ever lyric video, created for "Bodine" (and shown below).

There's been at least one case of mistaken identity while viewing this video that I'm aware of, so for the record, that is NOT me. It's actually my sister and she's got better moves than I do. She and her husband filmed this video while doing some traveling this fall, armed with a copy of "Bodine". Then, with a lot of trial and error and some minor swearing at the computer, I worked my way through a new-to-me Adobe program to animate all those lyrics on the screen. It was super fun though, so definitely keep an eye out for more lyric videos in the future!

Leading up to Betwixt & Between, we have released three singles to set the tone and get excited for this project -- definitely our biggest to date. In contrast to the colorful artwork of Betwixt & Between, these three singles came with black and white sketch-like artwork done by Shawna Crisanti. Although the similarities to the final album art are more apparent in some places than in others, these three sketches came from the brainstorming sessions that occurred throughout the entire recording process. I love that we were able to release these singles this way because the art reveals another layer of the journey we took as a group from writing, to recording, to finally releasing this album.

And it has been a long journey to get here. Our group has changed quite a bit since we started out writing the first notes and words that would end up a part of this album. We were still practicing in my parent's basement when we started, getting yelled at for shaking the whole house and annoyingly playing the same thing over and over (seems reminiscent of a certain Frank Zappa song that would get quoted at us by my mom). We set our sights on this goal-- a full length album that tells a story and-- unlike our varied EP, The Gumball Machine-- has a more cohesive sound tying it all together. We didn't know what that story was when we started and we didn't know exactly what that sound would be either. In the end, we found it and it's only a matter of days until we share it with you!

I just need to revel in this excitement and enjoy this moment-- a culmination of a lot of hard work from a lot of beautiful people. Stay tuned, hooligans! We've got so much more coming your way!


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