Born for the Sun

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Hey everybody,

We just put out the first single for our upcoming album Betwixt & Between. Indie Nation Blog has graced us with another review - so check it out!

All of the excitement got us thinking back on when we were writing "Born for the Sun."

As I remember it, the band had written the majority of the songs that would end up on The Gumball Machine and Ouroboros (as well as a few songs that we've since shelved).

We never really talked about what kind of band we were or what kind of music we would write. At that time, we were still looking at ourselves as a song-writing collective, so the music reflected whatever styles popped into our heads when we sat down to write (hence the variety of songs that would become The Gumball Machine).

One day, Josh and I were talking about the music and the direction we might take with the next batch of tunes. I remember Josh was itching to write more but wanted to start cultivating a specific sound.

For years I had been listening to the Japanese Rock band The Pillows, and that summer I had been reconnecting with their discography.

The album Please Mister Lostman had always resonated with me. Josh and I had listened to that album a million times in high school. It was a part of our personal musical education, so to speak haha.

I told Josh that I wanted to write an album like Please Mister Lostman. That album always took me on a roller coaster of emotions and I wanted to bring people on that same journey. With that, Josh went home and went to work. It wasn't long after that he had come back with the music for "Born for the Sun." My jaw dropped when he played that first guitar lick in the song - Josh had hit the nail right on the head.

It took us some time to flesh it out. We were going through line up changes around that time and everyone was still putting their parts together. We decided that Kelsey would sing the song. I asked her to try to write to the music because I wanted her to feel a connection to the words she would be singing. She came back with a poem about being young and carefree - basking in the sun and playing make-believe. The poem didn't fit the meter of the song, and the group wanted to keep a familiar voicing, so I worked with Kelsey to write lyrics (drawing inspiration from Kelsey's poem). By February 2015 the lyrics and music had been completed.

We had called the song "Nostalgia/That's So 90s" as a fun working title because it reminded us of being kids (I think Kimbra's "90's Music" also inspired the nickname).

The song received it's name a little while after completing the lyrics. This song was so different from everything that came before it, which is why it didn't end up on The Gumball Machine or Ouroboros. No, we had decided that we would continue to write in that style for the next big project. We spent the next few years recording the songs we had written while playing shows and trying to write for the album.

It wouldn't be until January of 2016 that we would pick back up on writing the rest of Betwixt & Between, but that's a story for another day.

"Born for the sun" has been officially released as of November 9th. It's available for streaming at Spotify and Apple Music, and available for purchase at Itunes/Amazon/CD Baby. The song is also up on Sound Cloud where you can download it for free for a limited time (you can even read the lyrics)!



Read what the rest of the band has to say about "Born for the Sun" here!

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