Creating "Barbara"

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Greetings Ghouligans,

With Hallows Eve just around the corner I’ve been getting in the mood by watching all of my favorite horror movies and television.  I’ve always been a fan of horror anything: TV shows, video games, and of course, films! 

I love the practical effects (so much red corn syrup), the unusual and often interesting film and camera techniques, the occasional humor and camp (when applicable), and the kooky scenarios!  

Some of my favorites include Child’s Play, Tremors, Evil Dead, The Creep Show specials, and Cabin In The Woods.

But possibly the most important flick in my list of favorites is George A. Romero’s “Night of the living Dead.”  Josh and I watched it together when we were teenagers.  It was a copy of the movie recorded to a blank VHS from TV.  It had Gilbert Godfried hosting some late night showing.  

It would be the main inspiration for our first music video: Barbara. 

The music came first.  Josh had written a really cool guitar lick that he developed into a song.  The music was insanely cool, but at the time we had NO idea what to write about for the tune.  

When listening to the music, I would feel the groove and nerd out over the little details in the approach to some of the parts of the song.  One day my younger brother turned to me and asked: “You guys ever try to write a holiday song?  Like for Christmas or Halloween or anything like that?”  We talked about how holiday songs have a certain feeling about them - a tone or a mood that just captures the spirit of the holiday.  That conversation had given me a new lens to experience the song through.

Going back for another listen, I had discovered a sense of urgency in the music that was exciting and somehow menacing at the same time.  Coincidentally, around that time I had been reconnecting with some old favorite films; one of which was: George A. Romero’s “The Night of the Living Dead” circa 1968.  

The universe had placed all the pieces in the right place and at the right time. The menacing excitement from the erratic and driving rhythm of the music - they became the sound track to the film in my mind.  I had a story and, subsequently, words.  Not every song finds it’s words so easily.  Sometimes the words can take draft after draft to really come together.  But for this song my brain exploded and the words came pouring out.  

The words were put to paper quickly afterward.  Being inspired by Romero’s film we called it “Barbara” (a nod to a character from the film by the same name).

Shortly after recording the single, my older brother approached me about making a music video.  My brother is a photographer that shoots digital film and photography (  After talking ideas on the video, I had decided that the best video for Barbara would be an homage to Romero and zombies and camp and vintage cult goodness.

The idea came from the Halloween party that Kelsey mentioned in her previous post ( and a long standing desire to make a horror film.  We shot everything in about three sessions: One session was for a scene in a cemetery, another session for close up shots of the band, and one last session for all of the party scenes.  

It’s one of our most ambitious projects to date.  We drafted story boards, hired a make up artist, had everyone sign consent forms!  It was a lot of work and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our friends and fans (and the fam, of course) that helped bring our horror show to life!

If you want to see the music video, it’s on YouTube (will post a link below).  We debuted an extended edition of the music video at The Spaceland Ballroom that Halloween (it’s also on YouTube haha).  

I hope you enjoy the video.  And if you like the song it’s on Apple Music/Spotify/SoundCloud so go add it to your Halloween playlist!

Hope everyone has a spooky Halloween!

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