"Everything we know" - The Grawlix song catalog...so far.

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I thought I'd do something a little bit different for my usual behind the scenes look at our music: An overview of our entire catalog of songs! Since 2016, we have released an EP (The Gumball Machine), a double A-sided single, (Ouroboros), and a full length album (Betwixt & Between). All of which, of course, can be accessed right here! - https://www.thegrawlixmusic.com/listen

The work-in-progress studio planner/track list from our first album, Betwixt & Between

Among these three collections of our tunes, there are 19 songs total. However, there have been a select number of songs that, for varying reasons, never made it to a proper studio or even past the cutting room floor. I've done a bit of research myself and it turns out there are a total of 25 songs that we have managed to put music and lyrics to.

Here's the big list, arranged roughly by the time period where we wrote the songs as a full band. This list does NOT include jams and currently in-progress songs. -


* = Released on The Gumball Machine (2016)

** = Released on Ouroboros (2017)

*** = Released on Betwixt & Between (2018)

# = Unrecorded and/or Unreleased.

*1 - Yellow Doggies - late 2013.

#2 - Idiom Advice - late 2013/early 2014

#3 - Breakaway - late 2013/early 2014

**4 - Beyond The Seam - January 2014

*5 - Strange - winter/spring 2014

#6 - Rut - winter/spring 2014

*7 - Everyone I Know - spring 2014

*8 - Little Hole In My Heart - spring 2014

#9 - Another One - spring 2014

***10 - Of No Importance - spring/summer 2014

**11 - Skin - summer 2014

*12 - Barbara - summer 2014

#13 - Bad Arm - August 2014

***14 - Born For The Sun - winter-spring 2015 (Josh began writing "Born For The Sun" solo in the summer of 2014).

#15 - Cosmic Kid - summer 2015

***16 - If Only For Tonight - fall 2015

***17 - Golden - early 2016 (The chorus of Golden is based on a solo Rob song called "No Escape" from late 2014).

***18 - Danger Came Smiling - February 2016

***19 - Hooligan - April 2016

***20 - Bodine - spring 2016

***21 - Madlife - summer 2016

***22 - On Your Mind - late summer 2016

***23 - Babble On - September 2016

***24 - Need (No Love) - summer/fall 2016

***25 - Just Another Cosmic Kid - spring 2017 (based on a 2011 song idea from Cisco/Rob's early band The Greyhounds). Re-written by Grawlix

So, as for those six unreleased songs, here's some info about them for those curious:

"Idiom Advice" - We recorded this one in April 2014 during our first demo session. We ended up developing the song as the year went on, but it never reached a level of perfection that we were after. Some of us, myself included, have shown an interest in one day reworking/properly recording the song as a bonus track.

"Breakaway" - Either a sub-par pop-punk number, or a song so wretched that even me mentioning its name will lead to retaliation... (Depending on which of us you talk to!) Either way, there's not a chance we will ever revisit this one!!

"Rut" - A lengthy power ballad which included an intricate three part guitar/bass harmony section at the end. We played this throughout 2014 and 2015. We even began recording a demo version in December 2014 during our Heartbeat EP Demo Sessions. For whatever reason, this song ended up falling by the wayside, and we haven't played it live for years. However, as with "Idiom Advice", we haven't completely ruled out the possibly of one day going back and refining/re-recording this lost song.

"Another One" - A vaguely Pixies/Sonic Youth-esque song. We played this once or twice in our earliest shows before it got dropped in favor of newer and far superior songs such as "Of No Importance" and "Barbara". Although we never recorded a version of this song in a studio, there are rough practice demos that we still have in our possession.

"Bad Arm" - An atypical heavier song in the style of Gogol Bordello. If there was ever an example of us still "finding our sound", this song would be exhibit 'A'. Never played live although a few rough practice demos exist in our archives.

"Cosmic Kid" - Not to be confused with "Just Another Cosmic Kid" from Betwixt & Between. The similarity titled, "Cosmic Kid" is more in the power-pop style and at the time, I considered it one of Cisco's best compositions, especially lyrically. However, we were unable to bring the musical connective tissue together to make the song complete. Even an attempt by me at recording a structural demo proved fruitless. Cisco would revisit the same lyrical theme on "Just Another Cosmic Kid", but the music of this more poppy "Cosmic Kid" sadly got lost in the shuffle.

As 2019 is currently unfolding, we have continued to jam and practice new songs. I look at this list of our songs and am amazed by the progress we have made in just a few years. It makes me look forward to what will arise for us down the road and just how long this list of original Grawlix compositions will grow. We hope to see you there!

- Rob

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