Happy Thanksgiving, Hooligans!

To celebrate the holiday, we've created one mega-blog post, since quite a few of us had something to say. We all hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving and holiday weekend. Stay safe, hooligans!

Kelsey - Vox/Keys

Smack dab in the middle of Halloween and Christmas, is another awesome holiday that seems to increasingly be getting overshadowed and overlooked—Thanksgiving. While memes abound about the Christmas season beginning the day after the Halloween costumes have been hung back up in the closet, I secretly cry to myself about how one of my favorite holidays is getting bulldozed.

This is the crap I'm talking about.

Growing up, Thanksgiving always meant delicious food, lots of laughter and quality time spent with family. That meant a lot to me as everyone is always so busy in their day-to-day lives that it can be very tough to get everyone in a room together. And of course, I’ll never be sad about a 4 day weekend to relax and eat.

I’ve been looking back at this past year, amazed at how quickly 2018 is coming to a close. This past year has seriously been a tough one. As a group, we’ve suffered tremendous losses, saying goodbye to mentors, friends, family members, and parents. So this year, I’m thankful for the time that we did get with those we’ve lost even though I know we all wish we'd had more time.

I am thankful to have been raised by such a strong and supportive mom. One of her favorite sayings was “Life is uncertain, eat dessert first.” While she often meant this literally, I’ve come to realize that it always applied to the way she lived her life and how she taught me to enjoy mine; creating opportunities instead of waiting for them. Enjoy the now, because you might not get the chance to later. She was truly one of Grawlix's biggest fans as well as one of our harshest critics. She encouraged me to follow my passions into this musical journey and always supported our group by coming out to shows, allowing us to practice in her basement for years, and sometimes providing some much needed gear. For all of that, I can never be thankful enough.

I am also thankful beyond measure for this Grawlix family I have found. Without these beautiful humans, I may have lost my sanity this past year while watching cancer take my mom away. They kept me grounded and distracted me when I needed an escape. The support they showed was just incredible. I couldn't imagine my life without this group. I thank each and every one of them for being on this crazy ride with me.

Happy Thanksgiving, Hooligans! Let those you hold dear know you love and appreciate them this holiday season! And maybe eat dessert first!

My beautiful, happy, fun mom and I circa 2001-2002

Cisco - Vox/guitar

I am thankful for time. 

I’m thankful for the time I’ve had And for the time I have left. I’m thankful for right now because I have it to tell you: There’s time. 

Cherish it upon waking; Cherish it with your family and your friends and your neighbors; Cherish it with passersby and strangers; Cherish it when you have seen the horrors and disappointments of space and time; And when you’re moved beyond words by the wonders of life and the world. 

Cherish it Because you can. 

-With love- ~Cisco~

I don't think we took a photo Thanksgiving 2017

Mario - drums

Thanksgiving. Celebrate love and thanks, eat turkey, watch football. It’s no wonder Thanksgiving is one of the most revered holidays on the American calendar.

This Thursday I’ll have the privilege of celebrating my 27th Thanksgiving, and I’ve noticed that as the years tick on, the once thrilling and hectic and joyous disaster-piece that is Thanksgiving, has grown ever more bittersweet.

People come and go, families separate, people you love grow old. It can be sad at times.

So if you’re feeling down around the holidays, know that you are not alone, and people love you. I love you. Smile big and be thankful. Give. Giving feels better than receiving. (That’s why it’s called ThanksGIVING and not ThanksTAKING.)

Life ebbs and flows, it goes up and down. But you can take control of your perspective to tailor your mood. You can be happy. You can be thankful :)

Wishing you peace, love and happiness for turkey day, and on all your endeavors.

My favorite part of an Italian Thanksgiving-- homemade dessert!

Rob - Vox/Bass

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our fans both new and old! Thanksgiving has always been a very special time of year for me. The family reunions, the memories, the scrumptious food-- it brings joy to my life every November.

I am thankful this year for you, our fans, who have dedicated yourselves to following us on our musical journey and through the impending release of “Betwixt and Between”.

I am also increasingly thankful for all of my fellow band mates and our crew, all who have helped make this year such a fun and productive one so far.

So to all our fans: Happy Thanksgiving! (Please save me some turkey skin!!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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