Introductory rudiments.

Hey friends,

My name’s Mario and I play drums for Grawlix. This is my first blog post, so I’m going to give you some insight into who I am and how I landed my buttocks on Grawlix’s throne. (Drum joke.) I was the newest member of the band until our new guitarist, Connor joined the tribe. I’ve been playing drums for about 17 years on and off, and have a musical background in jazz, orchestra, rock, marching, hip hop, funk and ska; both as a student and member of several bands through the years. When it comes to percussion, I’m sort of a jack of all trades, and a master of none.

About a year and a half ago from the time I’m writing this post, I started working for a local lumber company in Connecticut. I kinda hated it to be honest. But It was a job, and it gave me the liberty to get my own apartment and have a makeshift 20-something single dude life, which is cool! I bounced around from location to location at my job before I found my home in the Norwalk branch. There, I made a friend who I won’t name. What I will share; that friend was my stepping stone to becoming Grawlix’s drummer. I’ll save the rest of this story for another time. Let’s just say, it was a trippy, mind-blowing experience where I found the poetry in a dark situation.

Since then, I’ve quit that job and gotten a new one, biking distance from my house, and I LIVE at the band house. I’m also the coolest kid in the house, but Cisco might debate me on that one. I’m looking forward to my new journey with the band and can’t wait to see what cool paths I take with my new friends. I’ll be updating you, and you’ll also get to hear from the other members of the band, so make sure to come back every Monday and Thursday to read what’s new with Grawlix.

Wishing you peace, love and happiness,


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