Just a Monday ramble.

G’day friends,

Drummer boy back again with another vlog update. It’s been a while since my last post. My bad. Life gets really crazy and sometimes I forget to prioritize things. I hope you, the reader are doing well. I hope you’re remembering to breathe and call people who are important to you. As my quarter life crisis continues, there is one thing that’s always on my mind. You know how some times your brain gets too full of information, and it’s difficult to remember what’s actually important to you? That’s me all the time. It’s important to always center yourself and ask if it was your last moment in life, what would you do and with whom would you spend that moment. For me, playing music and Yugioh are both up there. Things have been so good with the band and so weird at the same time with the impending move on the horizon. Yugioh is my escape. It’s how I keep my critical thinking at work. These two things uplift me. They put me in a good place, and that’s why I continue to do them. Yesterday I had breakfast with my dad and dinner with my mom. Those things uplifted me, despite my mom dissing my beard, which is super dope tbh. I guess the point of this is, life can be pretty shitty a lot, and I often feel like a prisoner here, but for some reason, these beautiful little moments make me wish that life could still last forever. Unfortunately life doesn’t last forever. Nothing does. So appreciate the people and things you have now, before they’re gone. Bless up.

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