Life and Trading Card Games

Hi everyone,

I know I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve simply lost track of time due to the holidays. How were everyone’s holidays? I hope you all got to spend time with the ones you love; it’s super important.

For today’s blog I wanted to give you all some insight into one of my favorite hobbies; Yugioh TCG (Trading Card Game.) I’ve been playing Yugioh for about 15 years on and off. What started off as a simple children’s TV show and card game as spiraled out of control into a full-frontal, balls to the wall strategic experience. I won’t go too much in to the fundamentals of the game itself, but I will share a lesson or two that I’ve learned just by playing this game. First and foremost, save all your resources until you really need them. Be conservative, don’t be wasteful. Usually if you play a card too early in Yugioh, it spells certain doom. Likewise, if you spend money when you don’t need to, you could go broke. (Just to name one example.) Secondly, it’s SO IMPORTANT to take a freaking shower. If you don’t clean yourself, you smell. And when you smell, it affects people. Shower, damnit. Last, but not least; enjoy yourself and make friends. You only have so much time to have so much fun, and human interaction is the cornerstone of that concept.

I hope I’ve inspired you a bit today. Enjoy life. Love you


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