Squid? I Hate Sea Food...

...And rounding up the last of the introductions, my name is Connor! Or Mouse. Depends who and when you ask. I'm the newest addition to the band coming on board within the past couple months as the third guitar player. *whammy bar noises* I'm happy to say I've been friends with most of the other members of the band for a few years now. I met them at my first ever gig in my first ever band Do It For Your Heroes at The Space in Hamden, CT. DIFYH opened the show and Grawlix was on soon after; even then Grawlix absolutely blew my mind. Between Josh's guitar playing and the vocal textures from Kelsey, Rob, and Cisco...it was just something I never would've expected to hear from a local band. I remember telling Cisco they sounded like early Cardigans but a little more guitar driven.

Not too long after that, Cisco called my band mate Eddy and asked both of us to be in a sock hop production for the Pinewood Arts Society.

Sorry for the potato - Kelsey, Myself, Cisco, and Rob

Of course we said yes! It was easily one of my top three favorite gigs out of any of the bands I am/was in. We absolutely slaved over our instruments in band practice because we only had maybe, three? Four weeks? To learn three full sets worth of songs for the show. Mind you, Cisco and Kelsey wrote two medleys and had to teach them to all of us! Thankfully, with the caliber of everyone in the group (Kelsey Jean & the Baby Boys!), the show went off without a hitch. After, we kept in touch. Granted, it wasn't very hard to; we lived in the same town and played the same bill a hand full of times. My best friend Sean and I even made it into their music video for Barbara! #Banana1IsBestBanana #BananaBrigade. We shot footage at Kelseys parent's house from, I think, 6 PM to 3 AM. It took forever but man it was fun; and worth it!

So I pretty much wormed my way into their lives and, like an STD, it'll be pretty hard to get rid of me. I'm excited to see what else comes our way in the future; be it from the music we create or from all of you hooligans out there! See you soon!

- Mouse

"We're on a mission...from God." - Elwood Blues

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