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#Staylist - My Current MVP Playlist track

My name is Joshua Boos and I am the guitarist for Grawlix. I appreciate you taking the time to check us out!

Today I’d like to share with you all what is currently at the top of my playlist. I often have a lot of time to sit down and listen to a variety of music whether its during my commute to work or in my free time. My hope is to expose each of you to new music you may not have heard and provide my perspective on songs that I find interesting. I love to break things down and provide explanations so you can expect this blog post to be detailed and expansive. I hope you enjoy the read!

What is the MVP track on Josh’s Playlist?

The song at the top of my playlist currently is WAV. Files by Lupe Fiasco. This is off of his recently released album called Drogas Waves. The main topic of this song is the Atlantic Slave Trade which occurred during the 18th century.

Lupe uses fantasy elements to talk about what happened to those Africans who were on these ships. He describes how they would rather commit suicide than be a part of slavery. They jump off of the ships but find that they can breathe underwater. Some of them choose to walk along the sea floor to find their way back home to Africa while others choose to live in the waters and bring down other ships that are transporting human cargo along this route to combat this atrocity. I enjoy the creativity in how he develops this theme throughout the song.

I appreciate the way Lupe describes his vision in his lyricism as it is easy for me to imagine exactly what he describes. I can visualize these people walking under water and living in this environment. The music also compliments this in how it has an almost aquatic element to how it was produced. The reverb placed on the repeating piano line, the distant voice humming in the background, and the aquatic vibe of the music itself draws me into it. I appreciate the attention to detail in the production. A great example of this is during the first verse Lupe states “Submarine, man, keep your eyes on the blips. Sonar, echo, location, and where we are facin” and in the music you can hear the pinging sound a Sonar machine would make to help determine location and direction. This attention to detail is impressive and I find myself constantly catching new elements to the song when I listen to it again.

My favorite lyrical scheme in this song is how Lupe applies personification to the water, trees, and stars for their part in facilitating the enslavement of Africans. He describes the water inviting them to stay in the water forever as its way to apologize for enabling the transportation of slaves. He imagines the forests morphing themselves into matches and inviting them to burn the trees because of their part in being the floorboards and doors of the warships. The stars offer the heavens as a “meager inheritance” for its part in guiding these ships by lighting their direction. This level of writing sucks me into a track and allows for multiple listens. I find myself entranced by this imagery.

This song is a complete masterpiece of both lyrical content and musical elements. I enjoy that Lupe takes a dark theme and is able to re-imagine it in a unique perspective. I recommend listening to this song as there is so much depth and artistic flair to the track. It is a mainstay at the top of my playlist lately and hope that you are add it to your own.

I look forward to sharing more of the MVP tracks on my #Staylist. I’d also love to hear from you about what tracks are currently at the top of your playlist! Feel free to share your favorite tracks and maybe they will find their way onto my playlist in the future.

Thank you for your time everyone!

- Josh

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